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Importance of Dental X-rays and Why We Take Them!

Digital Xray Aspire One Dental Elizabeth Street Melbourne Dentist

To provide the best dental care, a diagnostic dental X-ray is required.

A visual exam doesn’t provide enough information about your tooth.  Thanks to digital X-rays, we can accurately diagnose and treat dental decay early before they become painful or serious.

Dental X-rays, also known as a radiograph, give us the ability to see between and inside the tooth.  They are used to check for cavities and evaluate the extent of the decay.  It can also be used as a preventative tool to monitor or encourage remineralization of the tooth, if the cavity is small.

In addition to detecting decay or cavities, the X-ray can help to diagnose dental diseases, cysts, abscesses, pulpitis, and other masses.

At Aspire One Dental, when an X-ray is taken, we will educate you on the findings. We believe in awareness and education.

Did you know that the tooth has 3 layers?  Which layer is the most important?

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