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Swimming and Dental Erosion

Swimming and Dental Erosion Aspire One Dental Elizabeth Street Melbourne Dentist

Summers in Melbourne can be hot and one way to beat the heat is to go swimming.  However, pools that are improperly maintained present a hazard to your teeth because of the pH balance caused by chlorine and other chemicals in the water.

The damage that is caused by improper chlorine levels to the teeth are :

  • Brown stains on the front teeth
  • Rapid and excessive erosion of the enamel
  • Discoloration of the teeth due to enamel loss
  • Sensitivity

So how can you protect your teeth from the chlorine?

Shut your mouth when you swim. I know it would be impossible to keep it away from the teeth but you can only try. If the pool water does contact the teeth,  it would be best to protect the teeth by brushing and flossing as soon as you get out of the pool.

Finally, a dental checkup is recommended to catch the early symptoms of dental erosion.

At Aspire One Dental, we  can recommend a toothpaste which has additives that fight acid to aid in protecting your teeth.