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My blood pressure was taken by the dentist? WHY?

In most cases, high blood pressure often presents with  no symptoms and may go undetected until your blood pressure reaches a dangerous level.  Most people do not visit their family doctor regularly . In fact, patients often visit their primary care doctor once every few years or only when they are sick.  Many patients could be walking around with high blood pressure that is undetected and untreated.

However, if you are visiting your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings, chances are, the dentist is keeping a watch over your blood pressure readings. For this reason, the dentist is more likely to identify high blood pressure, more so than your regular doctor.

Why is tracking your blood pressure good for your overall health? High Blood pressure causes stroke and heart attacks, which is why heart disease is known as the “silent killer.”  If your dentist discovers you have high blood pressure, he or she is likely to refer you to your doctor for treatment.

One other important reason the dentist monitors your blood pressure is to ensure your safety during procedures that require the use of anesthesia. It is also important that the dentist be aware of any blood pressure medications that a patient takes. Blood pressure medications may affect the numbing process during a procedure and affects how much a patient may bleed during procedures such as an extraction. The dentist could indirectly save your life just by taking your blood pressure.

I can speak from experience as I had high blood pressure that was undetected.  I found out in 2012 and this changed by outlook in life, especially being a father to two young active children. Although I require medication,  I live a happier and healthier lifestyle because of this awareness.  This is the main reason why I practice and preach Complete Health Dentistry.  Helping others is my passion and if I can help my patients live happier and healthier and be able to take control of their overall well being, then I have fulfilled my goal. The Blood Pressure measurement is a vital measurement. – Dr Peter Nguyen

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