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Is six monthly dental checkups necessary?

Dr Peter Nguyen Dentist in Parkville Aspire-One Dental Elizabeth Street Melbourne Australia

Today,  Dr Peter explains why it’s important to schedule a dental checkup every six months.

 Question : Is six monthly checkups really necessary?

Six monthly checkups allow dentists to detect issues early on, which usually means less treatment.

Delaying your visit until you have a toothache is more painful and costly.   From my experience, toothaches seem to occur at the worst times (ie. before a holiday, school exams, a special occasion, on the weekend).

Quesion : How can I improve my smile.   What are my options?

There are many options available, depending on what exactly you’d like to improve.

Options include

  • orthodontics,
  • crowns, veneers, implants
  • teeth whitening

Question : How to choose the right dentist for my family and friends?

Your dentist should listen to you and your concerns.   The dentist should be a person you can trust and feel comfortable going too.

At Aspire One Dental in Melbourne, we believe in “Treating People, Not Teeth”.