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Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional Dental Cleaning Kew

Brighten Your Smile

Freshen your breath and boast overall health.

To preserve and improve your overall wellbeing and to continue to have that great smile, it is important to maintain good oral health.

Schedule a visit for a dental cleaning twice a year to prevent cavities, stop tooth loss, brighten your smile, freshen your breath and boast overall health.

Even with regular brushing and flossing, some plaque can be still left behind in your mouth. Plaque is the sticky substance that is made from leftover food particles and salvia that mix in your mouth. The left behind plaque hardens into tartar and tartar causes tooth decay and discoloration.

Tartar is normally in hard to reach places between teeth and right at the gum line. If left untreated, can lead to cavities, toothaches and eventually periodontal disease that causes tooth loss.

Dental cleanings remove that tartar build up.

At your appointment, a comprehensive exam is also undertaken to help detect and prevent future dental treatments from occurring. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

Helping you be healthier, Happier, and incontrol of your overall well-being