About Us

Aspire One Dental

Trusting and Comfortable Environment

Comprehensive, high quality dental care

We exist to develop long lasting and trusting relationships with our patients, by providing comprehensive, high quality dental care in a trusting and comfortable environment that results in a positive and happy experience.

We also strive to make the workplace safe, pleasant and happy for our staff so that the Aspire One Dental experience is great for all.

As soon as you walk through our door, know that you are in great hands.


Aspire One Dental has been credited with quality innovation performance in our use of advanced patient technology.

Our up-to-date sterilisation autoclaves protect you against infection and are used to sterilise non-disposable equipment and hand tools.

Bacteria are destroyed by the autoclave which produces pressurised steam. Afterwards equipment and tools are stored in sterile packaging until required.

We follow extremely strict infection protocols to keep you and our dental team safe.

Allow our patients to visualise their oral health needs.

Minimise radiation and increase imaging techniques.

State of the art digital platform for delivery of local anaesthetic.

Significantly more comfortable than the syringe.  Reduces anxiety and more comfortable for our patients. Great for the children and persons with anxiety to anaesthetic delivery in the mouth

The other benefit is that it only numbs the tooth being worked on.

There is  no more droopy lips, or having your jaw numb for several hours. So you can walk out and go directly back to that sales presentation, or even give a speech, and  nobody (especially you) would know you have just
been to the dentist.

Our state of the art amalgam removal techniques prevent metals or mercury from entering into the public water systems after being removed from the teeth.