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Top 5 nutritional tips to keep your teeth healthy

What we eat plays a huge, and often overlooked, part in maintaining healthy teeth. One of the most effective dietary changes we can make for our dental health and overall wellbeing is to limit our intake of added sugars. Unfortunately consuming too many of your favourite sweet treats can cause cavities! Sugar from the foods […]

Is six monthly dental checkups necessary?

Dr Peter Nguyen Dentist in Parkville Aspire-One Dental Elizabeth Street Melbourne Australia

Today,  Dr Peter explains why it’s important to schedule a dental checkup every six months.  Question : Is six monthly checkups really necessary? Six monthly checkups allow dentists to detect issues early on, which usually means less treatment. Delaying your visit until you have a toothache is more painful and costly.   From my experience, toothaches seem […]

Complete Health Dentistry is caring for the whole body

Dental Patient Questions Aspire One Dental Elizabeth Street Melbourne Dentist

Here at Aspire One Dental, we pride ourselves in treating our patients like family and this is the main reason we offer and practice complete health dentistry. My goal is to treat every patient as if they were my mum, dad, or sibling.   -Dr Peter Nguyen What is “complete health dentistry“? The mouth is […]

My blood pressure was taken by the dentist? WHY?

In most cases, high blood pressure often presents with  no symptoms and may go undetected until your blood pressure reaches a dangerous level.  Most people do not visit their family doctor regularly . In fact, patients often visit their primary care doctor once every few years or only when they are sick.  Many patients could be […]

Top Reasons to Get Regular Dental Checkups and Cleanings

Gum Disease Bacteria Aspire One Dental Elizabeth Street Melbourne Dentist

Visiting the Dentist every six months may not be what everyone looks forward to, but it is the most important ones to keep.  Poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental and medical problems such as bone loss, bleeding gums, infections, gum disease, heart disease, strokes and more. If you are considering skipping […]

Do you have bleeding gums? Time to check for gingivitis.

Do your gums bleed when you floss or brush?  Are your gums puffy or swollen, dark red, and tender to touch.   These are all signs and symptoms of gingivitis What is Gingivitis?    Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums which is usually caused by a bacterial infection.   If gingivitis is left untreated or neglected, it […]

Has Bad Breath Affected Your Life?

Bad Breath Treatment and Tips Aspire One Dental Elizabeth Street Melbourne Dentist

Have you ever woken up in the morning to find your partner turn the other way because of the bad odor exiting your mouth?   If you have, you are not alone. Bad breathe is a very common dental problem that affects millions of people every day. You may wonder, what causes bad breath? Bad breath […]

How to Brush

Aspire One Dental Brushing Tips Elizabeth Street Melbourne Dentist

Brushing your teeth is not only for a whiter and brighter smile, it  is crucial to maintaining good oral health.  When you brush, the objective is to  remove plaque.   Plaque is a sticky deposit on teeth  which contains bacteria. If plaque is left on the teeth long enough, the bacteria will proliferate and lead to […]